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Nicolas Grekas

I'm working on Symfony, with two sides to his contributions. On the open-source side, I've been submitting new features and bug fixes almost daily for 6 years. I put a lot of efforts on making Symfony fast, easy to use and well designed, all at the same time. On the business side, I leads the ambition to create a sustainable company supporting and supported directly by the Symfony ecosystem.
I previously worked as CTO for

Twitter: @nicolasgrekas

PHP 7.0 is already history. But do you know how to take full advantage of it? If the engine is faster on all operations in general, some of them are particularly optimized. With PHP 5, you may have taken some habits that are no longer topical to write faster code?

I propose to review with you the various optimization techniques implemented in Symfony, which make the v4 the fastest ever published. This will be an opportunity to twist the puzzle around a few preconceived ideas, and give you a few more for the day when you'll try to squeeze the last few milliseconds out of this intensive loop. Benchmark in support of course.

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