В 2022 году конференция PHP Russia пройдёт в рамках HighLoad++ 2022

Protecting your legacy: how to survive and thrive with legacy systems

Системная борьба с legacy

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A talk about practical ways to tackle code quality, massive refactoring, testing and automatic documentation generation. I'll present open source tools, cases and insights.

I've worked with legacy systems written in PHP for 10 years, and the last 4 were dedicated to a 14-yo monolith, maintained by multiple teams and visited by millions of users per week.

In this talk I show different techniques and tools I used throughout my career that helped me modernising systems I worked with without losing my sanity.

We'll talk about how to:
- ship features without fearing massive failures;
- decommission code safely;
- perform massive refactorings;
- level up your documentation game with automated documentation generation;
- test legacy systems

As usual, I will also leave some important references such as articles and books.

Níckolas Da Silva


An Engineering Manager from Brazil who lives in Germany, works for one of the top 200 most accessed websites in the world, is a PHP developer with about 10 years experience and PHP enthusiast.

I love software development and to spend time with (way too many) random projects such as migrating DOOM 1997 (https://github.com/nawarian/dumm) to PHP or my blog https://thephp.website currently being migrated to https://codamos.com.br


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Системная борьба с legacy