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Москва, 17 мая 2019

Typed Properties and more: What’s coming in PHP 7.4?
PHP, стандарты, фреймворки, библиотеки, OpenSource

Доклад принят в программу конференции
Никита Попов

Один из самых видных разработчиков ядра PHP, автор таких важных библиотек как PHP-Parser, FastRoute, автор книги "PHP internals book".


PHP 7.4 is shaping up to be the most significant PHP release since PHP 7.0, featuring many long-awaited features including typed properties, return type covariance, FFI and (hopefully) short closures. Development of PHP 8.0 has also started, and the first changes are already in.

This talk will introduce the new functionality, with a focus on language and library changes in PHP 7.4 and 8.0. For a coverage of performance-related changes like opcache preloading and JIT, please see Dmitry Stogov’s talk.


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